About us



S Designs is a brand for the free-spirited, independent and genuine human. Our designs draw their inspirations from the surrounding master pieces of nature, allowing each person to genuinely express their character by delving into the magical roots and beginnings of our world.

Aware of the modern individual’s constant search for what’s different and thrilling, our designs apply appealing and unique silhouettes, creating the perfect balance between common shapes and modern originality.

Implemented in solely fine materials and natural stones, our designs are bound to become your timeless company in all travels, adventures and occasions.

At first sight, each piece comes across as a simple yet distinct jewelry design. Take a closer look, and you’ll begin to notice the incorporation of unrepeatable and well thought-out details. That juxtaposition of simplicity and individuality, assimilated with the concept of exploration within each piece, is the core of our designs.